Vauen DR.Perl Junior Activated Filters 6mm ( Pack of 20 )

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The VAUEN Dr. Perl Junior Activated Carbon filters 6mm are the first choice for pipe smokers when it comes to the perfect filtering of their smoking pleasure. The traditional brand manufactures these since 1934 and has thus revolutionized pipe smoking. Since then VAUEN made impeccable quality and continuous improvement of its products in the majority of the pipe smoker a name. 95% of all German pipe smokers use VAUEN Dr. Perl Junior Activated Carbon Filter!

Due to the optimum filling of the filter capsule with highly active carbon particles and an intelligent design a pleasant smoking experience is guaranteed - the smoke remains beautiful in all situations cool and dry, with a perfect draw resistance.
    • Improved reduction of harmful substances by means of highly active charcoal pellets

    • Two heat-resistant ceramic caps with a special pore structure

    • Perforated, highly absorbent filter paper

    • Can be used in either direction

    • Pack of 20 filters