Honeycomb Silicone Pipe

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This Honeycomb silicone pipe comes with an upgraded glass filter bowl. Featuring many small holes at the bottom to stop ash from falling and interfering with the drawn smoke, this bowl is deeper than its plain counterpart and allows you to get the most out of any material you burn inside and the whole pipe can be pulled apart for easy cleaning. If herbs aren't your preference, The glass bowl works just like a quartz banger, and the silicone body can withstand the heat of torches and use the built-in stash jar to store dabs and waxes to enjoy instead.

This honeycomb silicone Pipe is the perfect gift for any Stoner

Silicone Pipe

Size - 4.1 inches 

This pipe has inbuilt silicone storage and an inbuilt Dab tool 

This Pipe is available in 5 Colours ( Please Choose 1 )