Aqua Elephant Glass Pipe

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This delightful elephant-themed piece will show off your love of elephants, or make the perfect gift for the animal-loving stoner in your life. No two elephants are the same as these pipes are hand blown with high-quality glass. You won’t need to worry about your pipe rolling around, as this piece easily stands upright on the elephant’s legs. 

🐘 Elephant Design

🐘 Aqua Colour

🐘 3" Mini Glass Pipe

🐘 Hand Blown

🐘 Stands Upright

🐘 Large Bowl

🐘 Perfect For Animal Lovers

This piece is so adorable, in fact, that you can leave it on display and only a select few will be able to tell that it is actually a pipe! Its trunk serves as the mouthpiece and the large bowl for your flower can be found on the elephant’s back. The carb is located on the elephant's rear making for a hilarious, yet comfortable grip for one-handed hits.

While elephants don’t belong in the circus, this elephant definitely belongs in your pipe collection!