Regular Size, 1 - 1/4th size, Quarter Size Small Rolling Papers on Herbbox

  • 1 1/4: 1 1/4 got it's name because it can hold approximately 25% more product than a Single Wide rolling paper. The 1 1/4 rolling paper is 76-78mm in length and 45-48mm in width. This works out to be about 3.1 x 1.8 inches. Each brand will be slightly different in size, but will usually fall within the above guidelines. These rolling papers are considered to be the most popular of all the sizes and are sometimes called "French Size" or "Spanish". You would use a 79mm cigarette roller with these size rolling papers.

Single Wide Rolling Paper

The second common rolling paper size is known as “Single Wide” or “Standard” which measure 70mm wide by 36mm tall. In 1604 King James the 1st of England (son of Mary Queen of Scots) passed a tobacco tax which created demand for a smaller rolling paper. This size eventually became the standard size throughout the British Empire. When you see the  Zig Zag “White” rolling papers, this is the story behind them.

Zig Zag Rolling Paper Sizes

Both 1 ¼’s and Single Wide rolling papers are ideal for the Ace Rollerbecause the maximum length the Ace can roll is about 78mm or 3 inches.

These sizes also work great in the Tumbleweed, King Roller or High Roller but these larger rolling machines are capable of so much more. If you want to roll cigarettes or joints longer than about 3 inches you’re going to need to buy specialty rolling papers and this opens up a whole world of possibilities.

1 ½ Size Rolling Papers

Rolling papers labeled as “1 ½’s” are the same length as 1 ¼ rolling papers but are taller so they allow for a larger diameter cigarette or joint. They get the name for holding 1 ½ more tobacco than Single Wide rolling papers. This size works just fine in our rolling machines but because the rolling cloth length somewhat limits the diameter of the smoke, you can’t really take full advantage of their capacity. Staying with the Zig Zag examples, these would be the “Blue” Zig Zags that measure 78mm by 69mm.