King Palm's Natural Leaf Roll

The King Palm wrap company is the palm pioneer for the tobacco-free alternative in the smoking industry.

The 10th Century

Before fancy bongs and high-tech vapes, our ancestors turned to all-natural palm leaves to enjoy their homemade cigars. History shows smoking from palm leaves is not a new idea; in fact, this organic methodology dates back to at least the 10th century. Ancient illustrations depict Mayan civilizations smoking from what appears to be leaf-wrapped cigars. These drawings were one of the first depictions of cigar smoking in history, and the idea of using leaves as wraps was never lost. Rather, it only spread in popularity all across the globe.

The 15th Century

In the 1400s, Cuba began widely embracing this idea of plant-wrapped cigars, as well. When Columbus’ sailors made their way to Central America, they were exposed to this traditional smoking method, and it was likely their influence that this idea reached European countries. From there, it seemed as though every corner of the world was enjoying some form of a palm-leaf cigar.

The 20th Century

Unfortunately, as time progressed, things started to shift. The industry began being flooded with tobacco-rich, chemical-filled products that hooked customers in viciously. Once this started, it was clear that the market needed something new, and something a whole lot more natural. But, it didn’t seem like anyone wanted to step up to the plate.

The 21st Century

That was the case until King Palm was established back in 2016. Being directly inspired by this traditional smoking method, and after years of perfecting designs and ensuring only the highest quality-control standards, King Palm introduced their handmade, all-natural leaf wraps. King Palm crafts every one of their organic pre-rolled cones to replicate the beauty of those traditional wraps people have been enjoying for centuries. Just like those who came before us, King Palm is embracing all things natural for your smoking experience.