PURIZE®️ XTRA Slim Size (Spy-Design) - pack of 50

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True to its name, this filter ensures nothing impure makes its way into that hardworking trachea of yours. This filter needn’t be told about the sanctity of the smoking ritual because that’s exactly what it provides – a smooth, unadulterated and pure experience.

Purize Activated Charcoal Filters

With top-flight active charcoal in each filter, the filter absorbs harmful substances with consummate ease leaving you with a mildly aromatic and cough-free high. Not least but last, the activated charcoal in the PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size filter has a surface area (for adsorption) that’s comparable to a modern Jumbo jet wing. Talk about flying essentials!

Now smoke in disguise with purize spy design filters

 Pack of 50 activated charcoal filters by PURIZE® XTRA Slim Size.