Monkey King Lighter + Paper + Tips Kit

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The All-in-One Relaxation Kit
This is an all-in-one kit containing all your customers’ needs for their perfect relaxation session. Each kit contains premium Monkey King rolling papers, filter tips, and lighters from the Atomic brand. Having this kit in your collection will introduce something different from the normal to you.

The unique Monkey King Kit Atomic Lighter with Papers and Tips is made up of high-grade plastic that does not degrade or break easily compared to cheaper lighters. It protects the contents very well to avoid spillage or breakage when thrown on the floor accidentally. Hence, they are safer to use and are more heat resistant than other lighters.

Product Features

  • Contains premium Monkey King rolling papers, filter tips, and Atomic lighters
  • All your customers need for their perfect relaxation session
  • Made of high-grade plastic
  • Does not degrade or break easily
  • Contents are well protected. No spillages or breakages
  • Heat-resistant and safe to use
  • Uses Isobutane gas, which is colorless and odorless
  • Rolling papers made from natural and harmless sources

A Natural And Clean Experience For Customers
The Atomic lighter prides itself in using Isobutane for its fuel. Isobutane is a colorless and odorless gas that burns very clean and clear. It doesn’t produce harmful emissions while burning, either.

This gas is the only gas found in the Monkey King Kit Atomic Lighter because this brand cares about your customers’ health. The rolling papers from the Monkey King brand are papers produced from natural sources that are not harmful to customers.

What's Included - 

1 lighter,1 Rolling paper pack & 1 Roach Book

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