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Marlboro Gold 

Marlboro Gold Lights is known for its rich blend of tobacco variants with a significant tone-down effect to evoke its mild and light taste.

Several types of tobacco leaves exist in each tube. The first is the Virginian tobacco, which is identifiable by its characteristic sweet flavor because this tobacco variant is known to have its natural sugary flavour.

The Virginian tobacco flavor in this Marlboro Gold is the most dominant flavor that you will taste when the smokes enter your mouth and throat, and it becomes even stronger and more stated as the smokes leave your throat and nose.

Besides the characteristic aroma of the Virginia tobacco, there is also a hint of nutty flavor that comes from the cigarette’s oriental tobacco leaves.

Another aroma that you will expect while smoking Marlboro Gold Light is the toasted aroma coming from its Burley tobacco, although this aroma is not very dominant.