Esse Gold Originals

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ESSE Gold – The Leader's Signature. Tribute to the refined connossieur with the supreme quality leaves. 3.5 Mg TAR and 0.45 Mg nicotine.

Esse is a major success for KT&G and It has targeted a Very Specific Segment Of the Market , the Health Oriented and Premium Class 20 Sticks in Every Pack 


Note - 

  1. We are supportive of Government of India efforts to curb smoking, including public smoking and that we are in complete agreement of the existing policies to curb and regulate smoking.
  2. We only allow the delivery agents who are 21 years and above to deliver cigarettes to any of our customer.
  3. We don’t sell and deliver cigarettes on our e-retail platform to any of our customer, unless he/she declares that, he/she is 21-year-old at the time of purchase.
  4. In case of any doubt as regards the age of customer, out delivery agent will demand any valid government ID, proving age over 21 years, and, will verify the same at the time of delivery of the cigarettes.