Bali Shag Halfzware RYO - 40 G

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Bali Shag is a traditional Dutch-style tobacco blend. The blend is a mixture of dark burley tobacco and light Virginia tobaccos. Bali Shag is European cut tobacco that is popular mostly in the US and Western Europe.

Bali shag tobacco online India

The tobacco is cut with fine silk, or shag, which makes it easier to use for hand rolling. Bali Shag has different variants: Rounded Virginia, Rich Virginia, Mellow Taste Virginia, Halfzware, White Halfzware, and Nature.

The item was discontinued in February 2018 and then was bought out by Republic Tobacco in April 2018. In mid-2019 a new blend of the popular blue Bali Shag began distribution in the United States, containing 85% foreign leaf and 15% US leaf, in contrast to the original's 100% foreign leaf.

Previously owned by Imperial Tobacco (which had acquired it from Commonwealth Brands, Inc. in 2007), the Bali Shag brand is currently owned and commercialized by SCandinavian Tobacco Group


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