Buddha Kush Stone Chillum Combo

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Stone Chillum is a natural product and have been used for centuries by many cultures to smoke and enjoy herbs. It is also called Chillam or Indian pipe.

The chillum/chillam body cools the smoke before it enters your lungs and provides a more enjoyable hit. It's easy to clean with a pipe cleaner or similar tool.

Combo includes:

  • 1 Chillum - 6 inch ( assorted color)
  • 1 Chillum stone 
  • 1 Woolen Cover 6 inch ( assorted color)
  • 1 Stick / Poker 6 inch 

Chillum is easy to use and carry. A portable device to enjoy  your herbs.

*Chillum is for heavy hitters.

*The color and pattern on your pipe may vary slightly from the photo.

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