What Is Hemp & Is Hemp Legal in India?

What Is Hemp & Is Hemp Legal in India?

HEMP! Its uses are kaleidoscopic. Pull its fiber and you’ll get Yarn; chop it into softwood, it’ll give you shelter; study its genetics, and it will give you medicine. The word gives people an impression of DRUGS, which makes it very underrated and negative. Hemp is just a very profitable crop that has been cultivated in our country, India since almost 9,000 years. It is one of the most ancient crops that yield good money and use to the market.

Apart From Smoking What Are The Uses Of Hemp?

With hemp associating with smoking, people take it to be as a very bad raw product, but people don’t accept the societal benefits of it. With hemp, as a natural fiber the clothing industry can take a toll on organic and natural fabric that can sustain and provide us with good quality strong material. The same Hemp, provides medicinal properties that many diseases cannot be cured with the current scenario of the medicine industry. Consumption of medical Marijuana helps fight cancer and many other genetically caused diseases. Same way, the wood produced by the hemp fibers gives 100% natural building material that is gaining fame in the building market like wildfire.

Is Hemp Cultivation Legal In India?

No It Is Not Though There are a few states in the country that have removed the ‘ban’ on cultivation of Hemp and have shown support in cultivation of ‘Medicinal Hemp’ or Hemp that would “legally” only be cultivated for medicinal purposes like Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh & Uttrakhand.

There are various Associations and NGOs like BOHECO (Bombay Hemp Company), Indian Hemp Association and many more in India that are working towards the legalization of the crop and educating people about the benefits of the crop and supporting the cultivation of Hemp.

How Hemp Cultivation Can Help Indian Farmers?

A crop with so much of yielding benefits, needs more support by the society. The cultivation of Hemp would help Farmers of India in investing into a crop that would have multiple uses and benefits. Farmers would get more market value and opportunities because of the global demand of hemp and the overall growth of the country would increase financially as hemp cultivation is cheaper compared to fibres like Cotton & Silk.

Misconceptions About Hemp In India

There is a lot of misconception about the crop being used as a thing to get a mental high. But Hemp does not contain the same amount of THC as Marijuana. Thus, all of us need to have proper exploration and knowledge about the crop before the judgement of it. The crop has multiple uses and benefits that would  also bring economy and opportunities to the country.