Smoking Weed In Mumbai

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Smoking Weed In Mumbai

Hello Mumbai Stoners! Thanks for Visiting HERBBOX 420 Blog, Today we will discuss about 420 Scene in Mumbai so Stay Tuned...

Where to Smoke Weed in Mumbai?

Weed Scene in Mumbai are pretty Tight as of now, so a lot of smokers smoke on the GO, everyday working class have their morning or evening sessions while travelling to and fro from work whereas for youngster group car sessions are the best.

Other Places To Smoke Weed in Mumbai are Mentioned below:-

  • Forest Park, Powai

Where to Buy Weed in Mumbai?

Buying Weed is also pretty Tight Like Smoking Weed if You are a newbie and don't have enough contacts. Though you can buy decent quality weed in mumbai at below mentioned places:-

  • Andheri Station (West)
  • Vile Parle Station (West)
  • DN Nagar 

If you want to buy Hashish in Mumbai you can Go to DN Nagar Municipal Road Near Shiv Mandir Ask Locals for The Right Direction.

Soring Weed in Mumbai for a Newbie can be hard if you don't have contacts of people who smokes weed in Mumbai, though there best bet is to finding same age people or youngster near many colleges in mumbai who can most likely give you a direction.


Where To Buy Rolling Papers in Mumbai?

Rolling papers & Roach book are available almost at every Pan Shop for ₹60-80 for Rolling Papers & ₹30-50 for Roach Book, Though What you will be buying wil be mostly Chinese Knock Off & Bad Quality So We Would prefer Buying Rolling Papers in Mumbai Online 


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