Smoking Weed In Chennai

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Smoking Weed In Chennai

Hello Chennai Stoners! Thanks for Visiting HERBBOX 420 Blog, Today we will discuss about 420 Scene in Chennai so Stay Tuned...

Where to Buy Weed in Chennai?

It's not very hard to score weed in chennai for a local but for someone new it can get hardSpecially if you are on the North Side of the City. The Police & Law Enforcement is Preety Strict in the matter but they mostly focus on big guys pushing hard on streets if you get caught with self consumable quantity you might get lucky & The places you can score some weed  have been Mentioned Below:- 

  • Sathya Nagar
  • KP Chatram
  • Icehouse

Weed Can Be Easily Scored in Above areas of Chennai & Nearby, Just Ask any Rickshaw Puller to Give You The Correct Direction But Don't Expect It To Be The Best Weed. If you know someone in chennai who smokes can get you better quality weed.

Weed Price in Chennai

Prices of Weed In Chennai can vary but decent quality bud like in the photo below can be scored for 4000 for 100 Grams as per Survey


Where To Buy Rolling Papers in Chennai?

Rolling papers & Roach book are available almost at every Pan Shop for ₹40-60 for Rolling Papers & ₹10-20 for Roach Book, Though What you will be buying wil be mostly Chinese Knock Off & Bad Quality So We Would prefer Buying Rolling Papers in Chennai Online 


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