How Does a Bong Work?

How Does a Bong Work?

The bongs operate on basic physics principals, and each one is relatively easy to understand. The first is vacuum. 

When lighting up your bong the dry herb will ignite & will release smoke.once you start to inhale, you are creating a vacuum inside the bong which sucks the smoke in the chamber.

The bubbles that start to appear as you begin inhaling creates micro vacuums which sucks the smoke inside the chamber. 

As the smoke cools down while passing through the water, the smoke won't rapidly escape out of the chamber even if you take your mouth away from the mouth-piece the smoke will remain inside the bong until you remove your finger off the carb hole or you pull out the slider, as soon as you do that it gets easier to inhale the remaining smoke. This has to do with the pressure from the outside which is greater than the pressure inside the bong. 

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