Everything You Need To Know About Indian Chillum

Everything You Need To Know About Indian Chillum

Using a Chillum is one of the most popular ways of smoking cannabis since ages, and it is getting more popular among Indian youth. So we thought to  write a blog about everything you need to know about traditional Indian Chillum.

Looking to take those deep hits like the sadhus do? A traditional chillum may be the way to go. Chillums are still seen as one of the only ways sadhus uses to smoke hashish - Specially Up in The Mountains.

Sadhu Smoking Chillum in India

What is a Chillum?

For someone who doesn't know what a chillum is, it is a straight conical smoking pipe traditionally used for smoking cannabis and opium in and around India. Although no one is completely certain which country chillum first originated from, their earliest use dates back to the 18th century where they were used by the Sadhus of India. In fact, the loved phrase "Boom Shankar" comes from the use of a chillum, where a Sadhu would raise chillum to their forehead upon lighting it, to invite Shiva and the other Gods to come and enjoy the pleasure of hashish with them.

Why Smoking in a Chillum so Popular in India?

Smoking Chillum in India

Chillum became popular with Western hippie stoners started coming to India back in the 60's. Seeing  the spiritual significance & the traditional uses of chillum, Hippies started using chillums to smoke hashish and they loved it so much that they took this traditional Indian chillum back home and introduced it to the stoner culture in the western countries. When chillum is smoked it is usually passed around in acircle of users. For the hippies this helped create a feeling of oneness and family when smoking, making it an essential piece of kit among friends. This made chillums extremely popular with the smokers of that generation, although they are getting popular with younger crowds as well.

How High Can You Get By Smoking A Chillum?

Getting High On Chillum

The reason chillums are so popular is because of its effect. Although Chillums are extremely basic in build specially when compared to more modern pipes and bongs, the use of a chillum creates a very unique experience. The shape and size of a Traditional Chillum gives the hot smoke a rapid cooling effect, as well as allowing a large quantity of smoke to accumulate. This results in a much harder hit and a extremely smooth experience.

How to Smoke a Chillum?

How to Smoke a Chillum?

Smoking a Chillum can be tough for beginners, though with practice you will be taking big hits like the Sadhus do.

Usually you will need about 0.5-1.5g of hashish, and enough tobacco to fill one normal chillum. You can also use green bud, but hash is what is traditionally used in chillum.

You need to crumble up the hash into small balls, then add in the tobacco and mix it all together with your hand. You can also heat up the hashish and crumble it with tobacco if you are lazy to make small balls.

Add the Chillum Filter also known as "Gitak" in the chillum before adding the final mix into the bowl of chillum, make sure to pack it tight.

To smoke the chillum, place a filter cloth over the mouth piece before you heat the bowl, and start taking few short puffs so there is enough smoke built up within the chillum before you take a deep hit. Repeat the same process until all your mix is burnt.

How to Clean a Chillum?

Cleaning the chillum after each use is very important to make sure that the chillum doesn't start smelling and will also keep the flavors of your future smoke fresh and unadulterated. 

There are many ways to clean a chillum but the traditional way of Cleaning a Chillim is to use a chillum cleaning cloth also knows as "Safi". One can also clean a chillum using modern ways like cleaning brush, using cleaning solution etc but using a Safi to clean a chillum is the best way.

 Where To Buy Chillum in India?

Chillum can be easily bought in in few cities around India but everywhere else it can be a nightmare to find a good chillum. Local Potters might carry cheap clay chillums but they are not the best chillum you can smoke in.

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