Best Mini Glass Bong You Can Buy in India.

Best Mini Glass Bong You Can Buy in India.

We love bongs as much as you do, So we decided to find the Best Mini Glass Bong in India.

Now you don't need to search around the internet, we've done a deep research and found the best one already!

HERBBOX - AK47 5 Inch Mini Glass Bong

We think HERBBOX AK47 is the best mini bong available in India not just because of the compact size you can get this bong for only Rs.299. Don't let the size & price of this bong fool you, one can take massive Rips from this Bong.

So how did we decide which was the best mini bong?  When shopping for a glass bong, most stoners are considering:

  • Portability: How easy it is to carry the bong along with you? 
  • Style: Bongs come in several styles, from a beaker bong, straight tube & Bubble Bong.
  • Price: Bongs are sold for a wide price range & we decided to find a cheap bong.
  • Glass Quality: Bongs are made from different thickness and quality of glass, the right thickness of glass is very necessary for enhanced toking experience.

This Bong is sold by HERBBOX which is a One Stop Shop for Best Glass Bongs Online in India.